Treated Pine Decking

At Frank’s Timber Supplies our Treated Pine Decking is popular because it’s affordable, resistant to termites and sourced from pine plantations that mature quickly which make it a readily available product.

It is a pale coloured timber and quite generally uniform in grain structure.  It can be stained in a range of colours to provide protection and enhance the natural beauty of the wood. The stains contain repellent waxes which slow the uptake and loss of moisture, reducing movement and minimising surface splitting.

At Frank’s Timber Supplies we stock an ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) treated Treated Pine Decking which is suitable for all applications including playground areas.  This preservative treatment makes the Treated Pine Decking as durable as most durable hardwoods.

This decking timber can be used for various outdoor applications including decking, screening, steps as well as many other uses. Treated Pine is perfect for any large or small outdoor areas be it surrounding a pool, pathway, living area extension, screen or any other outdoor application.

Our Treated Pine decking is a reeded decking pattern.  That means, one side of the decking is reeded (in other words has grooves machined in it) and the other side is plain or smooth in its finish. the reason decking has grooves machined in it is to reduce surface contact between the decking itself and the joist, thus preventing water from being held between the two surfaces and preventing premature decay. On this basis, we recommend you install your decking plain side up.

As with all timber decking, it is very important that your sub floor (bearers and joists) are correctly installed to accommodate your decking. The maximum spacing on your joists centers (distance between the joists) must not exceed 450mm (18 inches).

We stock Treated Pine Decking in set lengths of 5.4m (treated with ACQ, as stated above) which ties in perfectly with the recommended joist spacings of 450mm.  This will help reduce wastage.

The size we stock is a 90x22mm but on request we can order any size or length, (depending on job lot amounts).