We stock larger sizes, such as 200x100mm (which are often difficult to obtain locally)
in bulk quantities.
Our Sleepers are very well treated and extremely  durable.
We also stock re-seal products, which are recommended when cutting sleepers to size
in order to restore the treatment envelope.

We stock Treated Pine sleepers in the following sizes

  • 200x50mm
  • 200x75mm
  • 200x100mm
  • 150x50mm
  • 150x100mm (only in 3m lengths)

All sleepers are available in either the 2.4m or 3m lengths.  Currently we stock CCA Treated Sleepers but ACQ Sleepers can be ordered upon request. 

Edgeboard/ pegs & other Landscaping
We always carry bulk quantities of 150x25mm Garden Edging, in long lengths.
Economical and easy to work with, this is often a handy solution when creating borders
in gardens, adding protection to the base of fences (by creating a barrier against soil).
To complement this product, we also sell a variety of pegs,
both in hardwood and treated pine which will make installation a breeze.
We also stock a wide range of fasteners for securing both products.
Landscaping Products such as Concrete, Quick Set & Soils are also available.
In bulk quantities we can also supply soil mixes, fertilisers, wood chips, bagged sand/ aggregate,
and several  other similar products.
Bagged for your convenience, we can have these available usually within 48 hours of your order.