Lattice is a great way to add a feature panel to an outdoor area.  We not only stock DAR Diagonal and Square Lattice but we also stock a product unique to Frank’s Timber Supply.

Lattice which is generally available from other manufacturers employs lath which contains knots, cracks, pith,
and defects.
Although these are natural defects, they can compromise the strength, durability, and overall finish,
which can be an issue, particularly if the lattice is being used as a screen.
At Frank’s Fencing Services,we have sourced a lath which is knot and defect free, (clear grade)
and thicker than standard.
With this lath we manufacture here on site a lattice which has a 25mm aperture.  
We also have three different variations to this type of lattice, which provide a rectangular aperture.
The end result is lattice which provides privacy, whilst still allowing a fair degree of natural light to filter through.
The screens are also much stronger than standard, and are extremely attractive + durable.
Again, we offer a Framing service for these screens whereby we can frame up 
almost any shape, such as squares, rectangles, triangles, and more.
We have been able to meet the strictest demands of Sydneys’ leading landscape architects and builders
in providing these screens in a range of sizes, and finishes.
We have several Framed Samples in stock if you wish to come in and  
have a look.

Sizes available are (sizes in mm):

  • 1800×600
  • 1800×900
  • 1800×1200
  • 1800×1500
  • 1800×1800
  • 2400×600
  • 2400×900
  • 2400×1200
  • 2400×1500
  • 2400×1800
  • 3000×600
  • 3000×900
  • 3000×1200
  • 3000×1500
  • 3000×1800

In the 25mm aperture an 1800×300, 2400×300 & 3000×300 are also available.

We also have a framing service available where sheets can be cut & framed to size.

We also stock a 70x45mm Clear Grade Surround unique to Frank’s Timber supply.